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Proper venting is essential for toilets. But what can you do if there is no system installed? Find out how to vent a toilet without a vent. Modern innovations and old recipes are all helpful when it comes to the awful smell you have to get rid of immediately.

Can a toilet be installed without a vent?
Ventless toilets are just like regular toilets, except they don’t have a vent for releasing water vapor. Instead, they use a siphon action that pulls water out of the toilet bowl and into an underground waste pipe.

Unfortunately, a ventless toilet is something you can still meet today. You may even fall victim to unprofessional plumbers. Even if you have a pipe that is broken, and you can’t fix it, there is still a solution. Let’s start with learning more about the vent and the way you can live without it.

Best Options for Ventless Toilets

Without the proper vent system, you can receive clogged drains. The wastewater may get stuck in the pipes for quite some time, creating a bad smell. Such pipes are usually placed as far as possible from the windows.

Why is toilet venting important and how does it work?

Many people consider the venting system in the toilet as something that naturally comes with the house. However, it is not that simple. The ventilation system removes all the bad smells and must be planned in advance. It does not have to lead to your kitchen. Besides, the pipe must be protected from any types of blockages.

Atmospheric pressure must also be considered when it comes to picking the pipes. The pressure has to be compatible with the waste pipes. The water supply and sewerage system need to work in unison.

A closed sewage system leads to numerous problems, and one of them is imbalanced pressure. Thus, the pressure in pipes must work well with the atmospheric pressure.

The vent pipe, placed vertically, is usually installed on the top of the roof. It is common for the whole system. It is connected to the waste and sewer.

So, when you use the toilet, the odor goes to the vent pipe and travels up to the roof because of the atmospheric pressure inside the drain system. You will stop the smell and weird noises from the sewer pipes.

How to vent without a vent?

It is a problem if you have no vent in your toilet. However, you can easily make a self-venting toilet if you have enough time and desire. There is an option for you. You can use a cheater vent called an AAV vent for a toilet or Air Admittance Valve. There are rumors about them on the market.

Some users still argue that they are illegal, while others claim that they are not reliable. If you can’t install the standard vent, you may use this option. The mechanism is simple, and it pushes the atmospheric pressure in the valve.

The effect is similar to the classical vent. If you are not sure whether this fake vent is legal in your state, you have to check with the plumbing specialists or associations.

What are air admittance valves?

The air admittance valve toilet option is a substitute for the classic vent. I know for sure that while it is useful, not all states allow it. If you live in Minnesota, you have to think about traditional vent installation no matter what or suffer from the lack of vent. For those who live in the place where AAV is allowed, you may attach them to the toilet.

After the flush, the water goes into the drain, and you receive negative pressure. This pressure opens the vent and relieves enough air to relieve it. So, in the end, your house is free from stinky sewer odors. There are different models of such valves. Nevertheless, if you want to try air admittance valve placement on your own, follow the next steps:

  • Make sure that this cheater vent is allowed in your state;
  • Check out for the tee sanitary connection pipe and provide it with adaptor fittings;
  • The installation process must not take too much time no matter the model. Many manufacturers offer instructions for this case;
  • Place the tee pipe up-righted if you can;
  • If it is possible, move the tee pipe in 15 degrees angle, in a vertical position;
  • Connect the right and left parts of the pipe with the sewer pipe. Disconnected parts of pipe must be positioned to the ceiling;
  • Pay attention! Before you attach the adaptor fittings to the pipe and vent, connect the vent with Teflon tape. All the models have the tread, and you have to connect it to the tee pipe.

There is no specific place to install such a vent. You can do it even under the bathroom sink. However, you have to keep in mind that the vent will take some space. In a private house, you can do it even in the attic.

Some houses have wall cavities. If you have one of these, you can just order a vent with the recess box and grill. The air will be circulating.

It must also be perfectly compatible with the pipe and be hard to reach pets or children. I recommend taking measures of the tee waste pipe and the vent before you do anything.

Attach it to the toilet drain, unreachable for other home members, if you need it. But you still need to install this valve 4 inches higher than the drain line.

Ventless Toilets: Popular Questions

Vent Toilet Without Vent

If you don’t have a vent in your toilet, you may have a lot of questions about your further actions. I have found some of the most frequent ones and tried to answer them. If you have something to add, please, do it in the comments.

Does every toilet need a vent pipe?

Unfortunately, not every toilet has a vent pipe. It may happen because of the redevelopment of the house or simply because of the previous owners’ negligence.

No matter what happened, you have to decide whether you can build the vent system or not. There may be a pipe, but it can be blocked or damaged. In this case, it is easy to clean it.

What happens if a toilet is not vented?

Nothing horrible, but all the smells from the toilet will stay in the toilet or may even spread around the house. These smells may really damage your household’s idyll. And if your toilet is located somewhere near the kitchen, you will not be able to breathe or stay there for too long.

How far can the vent be from the toilet?

It can actually be in the attic. The drain waste vent system may be anywhere in the house. If you have a wall cavity, you can place it there. Still, pay attention, that the system must be placed with the sewer. Many people without a vent in the house prefer to install AAV to the toilet drain.

Can you vent a toilet out of the wall?

If you can’t possibly put the stack through the roof, you may do it using the wall. However, there are certain conditions for vent plumbing. The most important is a smart ventilation system, so the air could circulate.

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Ideal Solution for Toilet Without Vent System

I can’t recommend you to use AAV if you live in a state where they are illegal. In this case, I can advise you to find a professional plumber who will help you to install the vent system from the very beginning. You will have to do this if you don’t want to live with the toilet smells accompanying your life.

The plumber will find the solution of how to attach the system and unite it with other pipes. If you can deal with a cheater vent, you can buy AAV and install it on your own. If you already have one, share your thoughts in the comments. How long have you been using it? Have you installed it yourself?

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