Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies occur suddenly and at the most inopportune moment. Of course, you can be a responsible homeowner, always keep your home clean, and take measures to reduce the likelihood of plumbing problems. However, it is almost impossible to shield yourself from possible issues completely.

Not everyone has the right tools for repairs, and not everyone has the knowledge and experience to do it. In case of emergencies, it is essential not to waste precious time looking for the right company. There is only one way to prepare for plumbing problems — by keeping our technicians’ contacts, who will quickly come to your call and professionally solve the problem.

What Is Emergency Plumbing?

The list of problems that can arise with plumbing, pipes, and household appliances is quite extensive. Understanding which ones are emergencies and require immediate action can be tricky. If your pipe has burst, and water is coming into your apartment with great speed, of course, it is an emergency. However, not everything is so obvious.

Some issues, such as a slow flush in a toilet bowl, a broken drain pump, or a malfunctioning boiler in the winter, may not be noticeable to inexperienced users. Professionals know that these are symptoms of more global problems that can lead to catastrophic consequences if action is not taken on time. Whatever troubles you encounter, it is best not to try to get rid of them yourself, but to immediately turn to experienced emergency workers of our company. They will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the state of the entire system and offer the most effective way to solve the problem in a short time.

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You can doubt the breakdown’s severity and complexity and whether it is worth paying for plumber services. Unfortunately, without experience, you cannot accurately assess the extent of the problem and understand whether your case can really be classified as an emergency. However, since some plumbing problems can turn into catastrophic consequences with the need for repairs, it is better to play it safe and call the emergency service. In any case, calling an expert will cost you less than repairing your home and the apartments of neighbors downstairs.

In the telephone mode, you can describe the problems you see, and our experts will give you their recommendations. You can stop there or still wait for the arrival of specialists who will take responsibility for solving the problem and relieving you of the consequences.

Most Frequent Plumbing Issues

As our experience shows, the list of emergency cases is quite common and typical for any region:

  1. Clogged toilet. The toilet gets clogged gradually. At first, you may notice that the water leaves slowly. After a while, the system may start making strange, uncharacteristic noises. In advanced cases, the water stops passing through the pipes and pours out. Whatever stage you’re in, it’s best to call our emergency technicians now.
  2. Drain buildups. Depending on the pipes’ rooms, limescale, grease, or soap plaque can form on their walls. Over time, it hardens and reduces the diameter of pipes. If you notice that the water from your sink drains slower than usual or an unpleasant smell rises from the drain, it means that a clog has formed somewhere in the pipe. Our professionals use cameras to inspect systems to determine the location of the blockage and its degree of complexity and determine the optimal cleaning method.
  3. Breakdown of the water supply. Over time, pipes can crack, rust, and break. Because they can go under floors, lawns, and basements, it’s not easy to spot damage. Low water pressure and wet patches on walls, floors, and lawns are the most obvious signs.
  4. Flooded basement. It is a serious problem that requires the immediate intervention of our technicians. Its causes can vary, from heavy rainfall to a poorly designed drainage system. We will help you get rid of the water and provide reliable protection so that the situation does not happen again.
  5. Water heater breakdown. Water heater technical problems are a big headache for many homeowners. They can lead to leaks, lack of hot water, and many other related problems. Since such devices are rather complex, trying to repair them yourself is highly discouraged.

A seemingly insignificant problem can turn into a disaster if it is not eliminated in time. Our specialists will promptly arrive at your call, comprehensively assess the situation, and apply the most modern and effective repair methods. Don’t delay solving plumbing problems; call our experts.

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