Water Heaters

Modern life is hard to imagine without constant access to hot water. Many processes are complicated without it, so when water heaters become unusable and break, it turns into a real headache. Regular maintenance and checking the equipment’s condition will help you avoid emergencies. However, if a breakdown does occur, our experts can quickly find the cause and repair this critical device so that you do not have to suffer due to the lack of hot water.

Signs of Malfunctioning Water Heaters

The first and most important sign of something wrong with your equipment is the lack of hot water. When it stops producing hot water, homeowners seek help with repairs. However, it is not the only indicator of the need to check your device. Other signs include the following:

  • Pressure fluctuation. Each water heater, regardless of model, is equipped with a pressure sensor. If it is unstable, the water supply may be intermittent. The device cannot maintain stable pressure due to technical problems if the sensor data is constantly changing.
  • Water leaks. You can have a conventional or tankless water heater. Leaks are possible in both types. They can be related to pipe damage, tank erosion, and other problems. Leaks adversely affect the pressure inside the device. In this case, the damaged parts should be replaced.
  • Increased water bills. If there are technical problems with the water heater, it may not correctly consume water. Also, this symptom may indicate a leak you have not discovered yet.

water heaters

Also, a malfunctioning appliance may make unusual sounds; for example, you can hear the gurgling of water inside, which should not be. Any described signs signal that you should call our specialist to inspect the water heater.

Thermostat Problems

Water heaters are electrical devices, the operation of which is provided by boards and various sensors. One of the most fragile elements of such devices is a thermostat. If, for some reason, it malfunctions, the equipment receives incorrect signals about temperature. Because of it, the water flowing from the faucet may be too hot or cold. Checking and replacing the thermostat is much cheaper than a comprehensive water heater repair. That is why you need to call our experts as soon as you find a minor malfunction.

How to Choose a Technician?

Repairing and maintaining water heaters, like the entire plumbing system, is not easy. So that you do not have to deal with serious problems, choose reliable agencies operating in the plumbing services market for several years. It is also better to opt for local representatives; so you can check the reviews of real customers. Our experts have extensive experience in plumbing work of any complexity and will help you deal with any problem.

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