Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet – What Are the Differences?

Each of us buys a toilet with the intention to use it for a long time. Therefore, it is important to choose a comfortable model that meets all the important requirements.

There are different toilet heights, which determine the comfort of the seat. All people are different, and it is very uncomfortable to sit on a toilet bowl that is too high or too low for your height.

Are chair height and comfort height toilets the same?
While “comfort height” and “chair height” are two different terms, they refer to toilets that are the same height. “Comfort height” is a brand-related term for “chair height,” whereas “chair height” is the common term for toilets that are a minimum of 17 inches tall.

I suggest comparing chair height vs standard height toilets so that you can determine the optimal parameters to buy the model that will serve you for years.

Standard Height vs Comfort Height: Which Is Better?

Chair height toilets are not designed for everyone. Children and teenagers need low toilets, and for tall people, models with increased height are more comfortable. In this section, I will compare the common sizes of toilets, considering their cost, ease of installation, height, and other characteristics.


According to the ADA international standards, the most comfortable toilets are those with an increased height. Standard toilets are 14-16 inches high, while the deluxe models are 17-19 inches tall, including the seat.

When choosing, you need to focus on your own height. Imagine sitting in a very low chair all the time if you are over 6 feet tall. Or vice versa, your legs will literally hang off the toilet due to its high construction and your small stature.

If there are children or people with special physical needs in a family, it is better to install several types of toilets: one with a standard height and another option with the height starting from 17 inches.

When choosing the toilet’s height, you should also take into account physiological characteristics. For example, people with frequent constipation and poor digestive function are best-served using a low toilet that is up to 16 inches high.


At first glance, you will hardly notice a difference between standard toilet dimensions and the model with an increased height. They do not differ in color, shape, or material. The visually appealing models seem larger as they are actually several inches taller. You can choose any toilet model that suits your taste.

Please note that you can purchase the comfort seat separately and use the standard tank for it. It is acceptable in some models of toilets, so you should check the information provided by the manufacturer carefully before making a purchase.

It will help you save your budget, as a toilet bowl kit with a cistern and a seat will cost more. The seats and cisterns in standard and comfort toilets are usually interchangeable, as they differ only in height. The width, shape, and other parameters remain the same.

chair height toilet


When choosing a toilet, you should understand that premium-grade toilets are more expensive than conventional models. Standard toilets range from $100 to $400. There are a lot of options due to different manufacturers and product quality. The most low-cost options start from $100.

However, I do not recommend buying the cheapest toilet bowls, as they are very fragile and may not last long. You can find more long-term solutions from well-known and trustable brands such as Kohler, TOTO, and American Standard. The prices of their products with a standard height vary between $200 and $400.

Comfort toilets cost $250-450, depending on the manufacturer and their quality. Usually, the price is listed without a seat, so you will have to pay about $100 more for a comfortable seat.

You can change the characteristics of your toilet by choosing the optimal seat for it. Some models are equipped with a soft closing; others have a soft base for a comfortable fit.


There is no difference in installing standard and comfortable toilets. In most cases, comfortable options are a little heavier, so the trustable manufacturers equip them with stronger anchor bolts to connect to the floor. Otherwise, there are no differences.

If you don’t have enough experience in the field, it is better to entrust the installation to professionals. Make sure that the kit includes all fittings, fasteners, and flush flaps. After the installation, check the toilet for leaks. Its body must be fixed very securely, without any vibration or backlash.

FAQ on the Toilet Height

I would like to elaborate on some details regarding the choice of the toilet with the optimum height. As I am often asked questions about this aspect, I‘ve decided to provide detailed answers to the most common ones.

What is the standard height of a toilet?

Since the beginning of the 19th century, several toilet seat height standards have emerged in the world. They were calculated based on the average people’s height. These standards have been preserved up to this day. They are defined in the ADA and other regulations.

According to them, a standard toilet height is 14-16 inches from the floor to seat level. However, these standards have not changed for a long time, and earlier, the average height of people was lower.

Therefore, it is rational to consider a 16-inch toilet as the present standard, although this may not be enough for many people lower than 6 feet.

height of a standard height toilet

What is the height of a comfort height toilet?

A comfort height toilet is considered to be from 16 to 18 inches. Accordingly, the taller a person is, the higher toilet they need. The parameters of a comfort height toilet stated above do not take into account the height of the seat, as the latter can vary.

When the seat is included, the comfort height reaches up to 19 inches. When choosing a toilet, pay attention to the height designation. Comfort level can also be called Toto universal height and ADA standard.

The standard toilet is suitable for small adults, children, and adolescents, while the comfortable toilet is designed for taller people.

What is the height of an ADA toilet?

According to the international ADA regulations, the standard toilet seat height is 17 inches or less from the floor to the top of the seat. If you buy a toilet without a seat, the height can be up to 15-16 inches. This is the standard. The ADA code also specifies values for superior toilet bowls.

They are over 17 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. There are also standards for the height of the toilet bowls for people with disabilities. The so-called accessible toilets must be at least 17-19 inches high.

Optimum Toilet Height for Ultimate Comfort

The toilet seat height depends on the individual body parameters of the person using the device. This is why modern houses are often equipped with multiple bathrooms, where you can install different toilets. There is a so-called toilet seat height standard in the USA, which is calculated according to the ADA and other standards.

This parameter ranges from 14 to 16 inches (calculated from the floor to seat level). However, this height is not suitable for those above the average height. If you are over 6 feet tall, it is recommended to install a taller toilet, 16 ½” or more.

Please write in the comments, which height of the toilet bowl do you prefer? I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic.

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