How to Fix a Toilet Handle? Step-By-Step DIY Guide

Toilet handles are an essential part of any toilet, and they come in a variety of styles and designs. If you’re looking to update the look of your toilet, or if you need to replace a broken toilet handle, then you’ll want to know how to do it yourself.

How to Fix a Toilet Flush Handle

If your toilet flush handle is not working properly, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

Check to see if the flush handle is loose. If so, use a screwdriver to tighten it.

If the flush handle is still not working properly, you may need to install the replacement toilet handle:

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to turn off the water to the toilet. This is usually done by turning the knob at the back of the toilet.
  2. Next, you will need to remove the old flush handle. This is usually done by unscrewing the nut that holds it in place.
  3. Once the old flush handle is removed, you will need to install the new one. This is usually done by screwing the new handle into place.
  4. Finally, you will need to turn the water back on and flush the toilet to test the new handle.

In this article, you will find information on how to fix the toilet handle.

Fixing the Toilet Handle

If your toilet handle is loose or broken, it is an easy fix that anyone can do. You will just need a few tools to fix the toilet handle. It won’t take long.

Possible problems

If the toilet handle is not functioning properly, it could be due to a number of different issues:

  • The first possibility is that the nut that holds the handle onto the tank could be loose, which would cause the handle to become detached and make it impossible to flush the toilet.
  • Another possibility is that the threads on the nut or handle housing could be stripped, causing the handle to become loose and making it difficult or impossible to flush the toilet.
  • Additionally, the handle arm could be cracked or broken off, which would also cause the handle to become detached from the tank.
  • Finally, the chain between the handle arm and the flapper could be disconnected or broken, causing the flapper to become stuck open and leading to a constantly running toilet and high water bill.

Loose handle

If your toilet handle is loose, you can tighten the nut and washer on the inside of the tank with a pair of pliers. Be careful not to overtighten the nut, as this could strip the threads or crack the porcelain tank.

Stripped threads

If the threads on your toilet handle are broken, there are several ways to repair them. For a quick repair, you can wrap a white plumber’s tape or electrical tape around the threads. Then put a washer and nut on and tighten the nut.

However, the best option would be to replace the toilet handle completely.

The chain

If the chain connecting the handle lever to the flapper is disconnected or broken, the toilet will not flush. To fix this, empty the tank by closing the water valve and pulling the flapper up, letting the water drain out.

Then reconnect the chain from the flapper to the handle lever using the chain hook. Leave a little slack in the chain. If the chain or flapper is defective, replace it.

Handle arm

If the handle arm is cracked or broken, it will need to be replaced. Depending on where the handle is mounted on the tank, there are several different types of replacement handle assemblies available.

To remove the old handle arm, unscrew the mounting nut from the tank and pull the arm off. To install the new handle arm, simply screw on the new mounting nut and tighten it securely.

How to Install a Toilet Handle

If the toilet flush handle is broken or damaged, it is relatively easy to replace it. You will need to purchase a replacement handle that is compatible with your toilet. Once you have the new handle, follow these steps to install it:

  1. The first thing is shutting off the water. This is usually done by turning the knob located on the wall behind the toilet.
  2. Then, flush the toilet to empty the tank.
  3. Remove the lid from the tank and carefully set it aside.
  4. Use a wrench to loosen and remove the nut that secures the handle to the tank.
  5. Pull the handle away from the tank.
  6. Take your new handle and insert the shaft into the hole in the tank.
  7. Secure the handle to the tank with the nut.
  8. Turn on the water supply and flush the toilet to test the new handle.


Fixing the Toilet Handle

Why does your toilet handle keep breaking?

There are a few reasons why your toilet handle might keep breaking. The most common reason is that the handle is not properly attached to the tank. This can be caused by a loose nut or bolt, or by a faulty handle. Another possible reason is that the handle is made of a fragile material that is susceptible to breaking.

Finally, if your toilet is constantly being used, the handle may simply be worn out from all the use.

Why is the toilet handle hard to push?

There are a few reasons why the toilet handle might be hard to push. The most common reason is that the chain that connects the handle to the flapper is too tight. This can be easily fixed by adjusting the chain. Another possibility is that the flapper itself is not sealing properly, which can also be fixed with a simple adjustment.

Finally, it is possible that the handle is simply worn out and needs to be replaced.

Why won’t your toilet flush when you pull the handle?

There are many reasons why a toilet may not flush when the handle is pulled. Some common reasons include a blockage in the pipes, a broken handle, a broken flushing mechanism, or a clogged toilet.

If the toilet does not flush after the handle is pulled, it is important to check for these common problems before calling a plumber.

How do you fix your side flush toilet handle?

To fix a side flush toilet handle, you will need to remove the old handle and install a new one. First, you must remove the screw that holds the handle in place. Next, remove the handle itself. Finally, install the new handle by screwing it into place.

Bottom Line

There are several ways to fix a toilet handle, depending on the cause of the problem. If the handle is loose, tighten the set screw that secures it to the tank. If the handle is broken, you’ll need to replace it with a new one. To do this, turn off the water to the toilet, flush the tank to empty it, and remove the old handle.

Then, install the new handle by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Have you had any problems with a toilet hand? Were you able to fix it or did you replace it with a new one? Share your answers in the comments.

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