Toto Ultramax II Review 2024: Is It Worth the Price?

TOTO MW6042034CEFG#01 Toilet

Product Name: Toto Ultramax II

Product Description: The Toto company is a revolutionary in the field and applies innovative technology to its products. Toto Ultramax II is known for having one of the most efficient flushing systems overall.

Thanks to the large siphon jet and dual nozzles that create a stream of incredible power, it quickly disposes of even heavy waste. At first glance, it may seem that this technology uses a large volume of fluid, but it is not the case. This model’s water consumption is 1.28 gallons per single flush.

This model is a one-piece unit equipped with a slim tank and elongated bowl. The toilet has an ergonomic and well-thought-out design and dimensions.

Besides, it is coated with a perfectly smooth Cefiontect glaze, which prevents waste from sticking to the surface and facilitates quick cleaning. It has a 12-inch rough-in size, so it will fit in almost any bathroom. The toilet height is universal, making it suitable for use by both children and the elderly.

  • Material & Design 5


  • Flushing technology 5


  • Price & Warranty 4.5


  • Installation 5





Toto Ultramax II is a great model that combines minimalist design with high efficiency. As it is a one-piece toilet, you don’t have to worry about leaks due to tank misalignment or loose bolts.

Toto has perfected its Tornado Flush technology by equipping this product with two nozzles and a wide siphon, which allows tough waste to be disposed of in one flush. It is also facilitated by a special coating with a lubricious effect that doesn’t let debris stick to the bowl sides.

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1. Detailed Toto Ultramax II Review

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Product Specs

model: ms604114cefg#01
dimensions: 28.3×16.5×28.8 inches
comfort height: no
item weight: 99 pounds
flush type: gravity
water consumption: 1.28 gpf
bowl shape: elongated
rough-in: 12
material: vitreous china
available colors: cotton, bone, colonial white, sedona beige, ebony
certification: watersense, ada, calgreen
warranty: 1 year

Toto is a global leader in bathroom solutions. And although their models are in great demand worldwide, I understand perfectly that each customer has their needs. That is why I have compiled a detailed review of the Toto Ultramax II to help you decide whether it is right for you or not.


In terms of design, this toilet is a great choice for those who prefer minimalistic one-piece units. Outwardly, it is very similar to the classic models of past years, but at the same time, it has more sleek lines.

Speaking directly about the construction, it is a very reliable and durable product. It can serve you for over 10 years without leaks or major repairs with proper usage and regular maintenance.


The product is made of vitreous china, durable, smooth, and pleasant to touch. It is equipped with a nice chrome-plated side handle. You can choose from five colors, including a rare Ebony shade.

The model has a unique easy-to-clean ceramic coating. It prevents debris from sticking to the bowl, which means it stops the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Because this glaze can be easily washed with a stream of water, you can reduce the use of detergents and do your part in lowering chemical contamination while saving a little at the same time. In general, I recommend avoiding abrasive and corrosive powders and liquids as they can stain and partially or entirely destroy the coating.

Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Toilet

Shape and dimensions

This toilet measures an average of 28.3×16.5×28.8 inches but weighs slightly more than the competitors’ items (99 pounds). The slim tank and standard 12 rough-in size ensure that this product is suitable for any bathroom.

The Toto Ultramax II elongated shape makes it comfortable for both kids and adults. The water surface is slightly increased due to the bowl shape; its dimensions are 7.125×9.125 inches.

The floor’s height to the toilet rim is universal 16.125 inches, which means that it can be used by both young children (their legs do not dangle much) and elderly people (they do not need to squat low). While it meets ADA standards, this model may still not be high enough for those with health problems.

Flushing technology

This model features an advanced Tornado Flush technology called the Double Cyclone System. Its peculiarity is to create a powerful flow using a small amount of water. Two nozzles direct the liquid to one side, forming a funnel and getting rid of even a lot of debris.

Simultaneously, only 1.28 gallons a flush is consumed, making this model water-efficient, which fully complies with EPA WaterSense standards.

Also, to ensure there are no clogs, the manufacturer has installed a wide trapway. Combined with an extra smooth finish, it helps to get rid of waste in seconds. In terms of the noise level during flushing, I would say that it’s quite low for such a powerful water flow.

Extra features

There is a branded seat equipped with the SoftClose function included. It means that when you push the lid to close it, it slowly drops down by itself. It saves you from annoying smashes and, therefore, extends the life of the product.

Toto seats are recognized by many users as one of the most comfortable ones, mainly since their variations are equipped with the handy SoftClose system.

Price range and warranty

In general, the cost of Toto products is slightly higher than the popular counterparts. However, in my opinion, the Toto Ultramax II toilet is not overpriced, given its superior performance. Like all the models in this price range, it comes with a standard one-year limited warranty.

It is very useful since it can be difficult to find replacement parts for this toilet’s internal mechanisms. If you find a factory defect during this period, you can contact the manufacturer to replace or repair the device.


This model belongs to back-to-back toilets, and it is recommended to use double tee-wye for its installation. Since the toilet’s weight is on the heavier side, you should be extremely careful when moving it.

9.6Expert Score

In general, since the bowl and tank are combined into one solid unit, only two bolts are required here, so this model's installation is as simple as possible. If necessary, you can check other users' Toto Ultramax toilet reviews to find out which difficulties other customers have encountered.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • Great design;
  • Antibacterial glaze;
  • Powerful flushing system;
  • The seat is included.
  • A bit heavy;
  • Has a universal height, not comfort.

2. Toto Ultramax II Variations

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Product Specs

model: mw6042034cufg#01
dimensions: 28.3×16.5×28.8 inches
comfort height: no
item weight: 99 pounds
flush type: gravity
water consumption: 1.28 gpf
bowl shape: elongated
rough-in: 12
material: vitreous china
available colors: cotton
certification: watersense, ada, calgreen
warranty: 1 year

I find Toto Ultramax II almost ideal for any bathroom. However, the company can offer you a more sophisticated variation, Toto Ultramax II Washlet+. It has the same excellent features as the original: powerful flush system, Cefiontect coating, universal height, and great design. However, instead of the usual seat, it is equipped with a multifunctional one.

This seemingly insignificant detail makes your daily use of the toilet more enjoyable, which is especially important for people with special needs and health issues. It has many different functions and settings. You can pre-spray the bowl sides, adjust the water jet speed from a bidet, heat the seat to your desired temperature, use an air freshener, and even dry your hands.

Toto Ultramax II FAQ

Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax Toilet

Before buying such a toilet, you may have many questions. In this section, you’ll find the answers to the most frequent ones.

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What is the difference between Toto Ultramax and Ultramax II?

If you compare Toto Ultramax vs Ultramax II, you’ll see that Toto Ultramax is a more budget-friendly toilet. It’s equipped with a Dynamax Tornado flushing system with one nozzle and has a standard height of 14.9 inches, which means it’s not the best option for those with health problems.

Is the Toto Ultramax 2 loud when it flushes?

In my opinion, despite the massive power flow it generates, this toilet is pretty quiet when you flush it. However, the acceptable noise level is a subjective concept for each user. I can say Ultramax II is one of the quietest among the powerful models.

Is Toto Ultramax II easy to clean?

Yes, and that’s what I like about this model. The manufacturer has coated the bowl with a unique Cefiontect glaze, which makes the surface extra smooth. Thus, the waste doesn’t stick to it. You spend less time, effort, and detergents on regular toilet cleaning.

Is Toto Ultramax II Really Worth Its Money?

I believe Toto Ultramax II toilets have rightfully earned their popularity. It’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off as it uses water efficiently and save you money on cleaning.

Please share your thoughts on Toto Ultramax II below. Is it worth the price? Have you ever tested it?

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