Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review 2024: Is It Worth the Price?

A comprehensive Kohler Wellworth toilet review is what you need before you make your purchase. The toilet may look ordinary at first. You see the standard bowl and classic tank.

Depending on the model, it can be of a standard or chair height. However, there are numerous features in this toilet that make it so popular.

Kohler is a well-known brand around the world. It was founded in 1873. Its headquarters is still based in Wisconsin. The company is famous for its plumbing products above all, which is proved by the numerous Kohler Wellworth reviews.

Wellworth is one of the lines produced by Kohler, which is always on-demand. It is affordable, highly efficient, savvy, and durable.

Kohler Wellworth Review & Summary

Product Name: Kohler Wellworth K-3987-96

Product Description: Kohler’s products for bathrooms are popular in the USA, both in private and commercial use. The toilets of this company provide powerful flush and decrease the water consumption.

Wellworth line is one of the most recognizable among others, offering a unique canister flush valve system that releases water 360 degrees in one quick move. A standard Kohler Wellworth toilet tank provides 1.28 gallons per flush. It saves the water, cares for the environment, and your bills.

You can choose between the different heights of the toilet and the tank capacity. The price is still affordable for anyone, regardless of the model.

  • Material & Design


  • Flushing technology


  • Price & Warranty


  • Installation





Kohler Wellworth is a standard tank-and- bowl toilet with a powerful flush and high-quality ceramic coating at an affordable price. This product is durable and easy to clean.

It already comes with the seat, wax ring, and hardware. If you are looking for a comfortable toilet without extra options, like a night light or warm seat, but with a powerful flush, this item is what you need.

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Detailed Kohler WellWorth Toilet Review

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Product Specs

Model: Wellworth K-3987-96
Dimensions: 14.5 height x 28.5 depth x 18 inches width
Comfort height: yes
Item weight: 86.3 lbs
Flush type: Dual flush, Gravity Fed
Water consumption: 1.1/1.6 gpf
Bowl shape: round
Rough in: 12 inches
Material: Vitreous China
Available colors: Beige, White, Biscuit, White, Black, Almond
Certification: EPA guidelines
Warranty: 1 year


This Kohler Wellworth round toilet is one of the most popular models in the USA. It does not require any special conditions and can be easily put in any bathroom. The K-3987-96 model has the Class Five flushing technology, which is helpful for people eager to save on water consumption. The bowl does not require extra cleaning after each flush.


This model is made of high-quality china that is smooth, silky, and simple to clean. It provides a wide range of colors. You can pick white, biscuit, almond, and even black colors, depending on the design of your bathroom. It does not require much space, but you still have to measure your bathroom space in advance.

It has a standard trip lever on the left hand. It is made of durable metal, with the use of two-tone innovative technology. Basically, you don’t have to learn how to use the lever, as your previous model can have a similar one.


The bowl and the tank are made of vitreous china. It is highly durable and smooth, thus no wastes will be left on it. With a powerful flush, you will not have to clean the toilet every day.

You can choose the color you like. There is a 2-1/8 inches glazed trap way, so the water will flow even more smoothly. It is still recommended to use mild cleaning with warm water every week with anti-bacterial professional cleaners. Don’t forget to clean the tank once in a while if you have hard water.

Shape and dimensions

The round front bowl design is perfect for small bathrooms and even powder rooms with limited empty space. It is a two-piece toilet, which provides extra durability to the model. Kohler Wellworth comfort height toilet is 14.5 inches without a seat.

You can change the seat to be more comfortable or heated if you need it. The width of the bowl is only 18 inches, which fits the limited spaces efficiently.

The total height of the bowl and tank is 29.25 inches. Besides, this toilet is not heavy and weighs 86.3 lbs. It is still recommended to install it together with another person to avoid any issues.

Flushing technology

The Kohler Wellworth flush valve is famous for its unique technology. The Class Five technology is a brand’s well-known attraction. The gravity-fed offers a strong and powerful siphon, while flushing for the performance is a plug-free.

The water is rinsed around the bowl ring, cleaning it with one flush. It uses only 1.6 gallons per flush maximum, and 1.1 gallons per flush minimum. It saves water, as you don’t have to push the lever twice. This system saves 30 percent of water use compared to standard toilets. The left-hand lever is comfortable and durable.

Extra features

This Wellworth model is not demanding. It does not have a heated seat or night light attached to it, but it provides a powerful flush, 1-year limited warranty, and easy-to-clean bowl. Since its shape is round, and the toilet is attached to the floor, it will suit perfectly any small bathrooms.

If you don’t like the toilet seat that comes in a pack, you can order the warm one. This toilet matches perfectly all the products from the Wellworth collection. The Water Sense and Water Conservation model meet all the EPA guidelines.

Price range and warranty

The price of this model varies based on the color and equipment included. If you want to buy the toilet seat separately, it will be cheaper. The average price on the market is $200-$350. Since the market is not stable, and the price can change, you have to check it out before making the purchase.

Kohler manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty for this item. However, the toilet is incredibly durable and solid. It is unlikely that you will need to use this warranty.


This model is of floor mount type and easy to install. All you need is to put the toilet right on the drain pipe. There is a glazed trap way of standard 1-1/8 inch size. If you want to install the toilet back to back, you have to use the wye a45 degrees double fitting.

For buyers who don’t know how to install the toilet, the manufacturer recommends buying a pack with the toilet gasket, wax-free seal, and the seat (optionally). There are 10 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches rough-in available.

9.6Expert Score

The installation of this toilet is easier than others because of the DryLock system, which is fast and reliable. It prevents leaking as well.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • Powerful flush;
  • Saves the water consumption;
  • Smooth vitreous china of high quality;
  • Simple to install;
  • Affordable price.
  • There is no warm seat attached to the bowl.

Kohler Wellworth Toilet Variations

There also are some other variations of this model. Read their descriptions and, perhaps, you may consider these options as nice alternatives to the K-3987-96 I have described above.

1. Kohler Wellworth K-3505-96

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Product Specs

Model: Wellworth K-3505-96
Dimensions: 30-1/1 inches length x 21-1/4 width x 29-1/4 inches height
Comfort height: yes
Item weight: 100.5 lbs
Flush type: Pressure Assisted, single Flush
Water consumption: 1.6 gpf
Bowl shape: elongated
Rough in: 12 inches
Material: Vitreous China
Available colors: Biscuit, White
Certification: CSA Listed
Warranty: 1 year


This option costs slightly more than the previous one. The elongated bowl and 12 inches of rough-in will satisfy the owners of small bathrooms. This toilet weighs only 100 pounds. It has similar Class Five flushing technology and is easy to install even if you don’t know anything about toilets.

It is a standard 2-piece toilet. The package usually includes the chrome polished trip lever, but you need to buy the toilet seat additionally in some cases.

To prolong the life of your toilet bowl, it is recommended to clean the toilet with specific antibacterial remedies. There is a quiet performance of the flush, mainly due to the noise-mapping advanced system.

2. Kohler Wellworth K-3978-0

No products found.

Product Specs

Model: Wellworth K-3978-0
Dimensions: 30 inches length x 18 width x 28-3/4 inches height
Comfort height: Standard
Item weight: 93 lbs
Flush type: Gravity Fed, single Flush
Water consumption: 1.6 gpf
Bowl shape: elongated
Rough in: 12 inches
Material: Vitreous china
Available colors: White
Certification: No certifications
Warranty: 1 year


Here is another alternative to the famous Kohler Wellworth. This model is slightly less expensive than the first option and even smaller than the classic one. It is available in white color only. However, if you don’t have a specific design in mind, you will like its shiny smooth design and versatile white color.

It has a 3-bolt installation procedure. This model offers a Class Five flushing system as well. It is also mounted to the floor, two-pieces, and 12 inches rough-in. It has a standard left-hand lever and single flush gravity. There is a canister flush valve that makes the whole process even more powerful.

The 3-bolt installation process is not that hard. All you need to do is follow the instructions. The DryLock system offers leak-free installation.

Popular Questions About Kohler Wellworth Toilet

If you have some minor doubts left and still can’t choose the model, check out these popular questions about it. You may find them useful. I recommend reading them before you buy any variation of Kohler Wellworth line. If you have more questions, you can ask them in the comments below.

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Does Kohler Wellworth toilet come in comfort height?

Kohler Co. Wellworth toilets are available in both standard and chair or comfort height. You can choose which one you need the most. If you choose the standard height, the bowl height without the seat will be 14.5 inches. If you find it too low for you, you can order a higher seat.

Does the Kohler Wellworth toilet have a powerful flush?

This toilet has a remarkably powerful flush. Its Class Five technology creates a strong wave that quickly flushes all the wastes into the pipe.

Is the Kohler Wellworth toilet easy to clean?

This toilet is simple to clean. The surface of the bowl is smooth and sleek. You have to clean it with antibacterial products.

Kohler Wellworth – Reliable and Affordable Option

To sum it up, I have to say that this toilet may not have all these extra features and can’t charge your phone’s battery while you are using it, but it is solid and long-lasting.

It does not take much space in the bathroom and has a classic, simple shape, and sleek surface. It is easy to clean.

Besides, this toilet saves the water you consume. If you have already tried it, share your impressions in the comments below. Was it easy to install? I also want to know whether you are satisfied with your choice and how long you use it.

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