Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review 2024: Is It Worth the Price?

Kohler is an American company based in Wisconsin. The company has 140 years of history and a list of undeniable accomplishments in luxury furnishings and plumbing.

That’s why today we will talk about the Memoirs model in more detail. Make sure to check this Kohler memoirs toilet review to decide whether you have to spend on it.

Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review & Summary

Kohler Memoirs Toilet

Product Description

The Kohler brand was founded by the Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler. In 1873, he acquired a small foundry in rural Wisconsin that specialized in the manufacture of steel and iron products. Ten years later, Kohler produced the first series of four-legged bathtubs, heating the items to 930 degrees and dusting them with powder enamel.

From these humble beginnings, the company has grown into a multi-faceted, international series of brands, producing the highest-quality products created with state-of-the-art technology.

Combining traditional design with modern comfort, this two-piece Kohler Memoirs toilet with improved performance and exclusive design follows the stylized lines of historic furniture and integrates with the Memoirs collection.

This model has an extra-long bowl, a 12-inch roughing surface, and the full performance of Class Five flushing technology.

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Kohler K-3819-96 Memoirs is a classic, comfort height toilet, which compliments any exquisite interior of an apartment. The model is a part of the Memoirs collection with Stately design. It’s a perfect choice for an elegant bathroom even if it doesn’t have other Memoirs plumbing pieces.

Product Specs

Model: Kohler K-3819-96 Memoirs Toilet
Dimensions: 30.38 x 18.87 x 30.06 inches
Comfort height: Yes
Item weight: 105 pounds
Flush type: Class Five flushing technology, Gravity Flush
Water consumption: 1.6 gallons per flush
Bowl shape: Elongated
Material: Vitreous china
Available colors: Biscuit
Certification: WaterSense
Warranty: KOHLER One-Year Limited Warranty

Detailed Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review

 toilet kohler memoirs

This Kohler memoirs classic toilet is a part of Amazon’s top 100 best two-piece toilets, so let’s see why.


A classic, sophisticated design of this toilet can fit in almost any interior of any bathroom. The rich, clean lines and classic detailing of the Memoirs collection of faucets and accessories echoes the graceful elegance of the 1920s and 1930s.

Memoirs with Stately draws inspiration from the Art Deco movement resulting in the sleek, timeless look of this Stately collection.


The Kohler Memoirs comfort height toilet has vitreous china coating, which is one of the most durable materials of all time. Toilets made with this material are reliably protected not only from moisture and dirt but also from bacteria.

They are designed for a service life of over 30 years. To produce the vitreous china, the raw materials are being fired at high temperatures. Sintering of the smallest particle sizes results in the glass-effect surface, making it highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

kohler memoirs in yellow bathroom

Shape and dimensions

The Kohler Memoirs toilet tank has an elongated, rectangular shape that continues the characteristics of the Memoirs collection. The toilet lid has a rim around the perimeter, which, being a minor obstacle, does not allow objects to slide from the cistern to the floor.

Flushing technology

The innovative Class Five flushing system provides significant water savings over a standard flush without sacrificing efficiency. The flush uses the force of gravity, and the special design of the tank, bowl, and siphon create a powerful stream of water.

Extra features

The thing that I love the most about this Kohler Memoirs toilet tank is the AquaPiston canister technology, which makes water flow into the bowl from all sides.

This contributes to the single flush technology and creates a powerful flush. This feature is also present in Kohler K-3817-96 Memoirs Stately and Kohler K-6424-0 Memoirs Classic toilets.

kohler memoirs

Price range and warranty

Recognized as the global leader in bathroom fittings, Kohler is a headliner in design, production, and innovation, inextricably linked to uncompromising quality.

The brand can be attributed to the middle and luxury market segments since Kohler has a fairly broad pricing policy. The Kohler Memoir toilet price range can vary between $600-700 depending on a set. The product comes with the KOHLER One-Year Limited Warranty.


9.7Expert Score

You can install the Kohler Memoirs classic toilet easily. The process doesn’t require being a plumbing guru. The toilet takes only three screws to be installed. Follow the instructions for more specific details.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • Comfort height is extremely convenient for adults;
  • Class Five flushing system contributes to less water consumption;
  • Comes with 12 months of warranty;
  • Easy to install.
  • Specific design.

Kohler Memoirs Variations

There are two more versions of this Kohler Memoirs comfort height toilet, and to manage the best purchase, I recommend checking out this comparison to know the difference between Kohler Memoirs Stately and Classic toilets.

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Model: KOHLER K-3817-96 Memoirs Stately KOHLER K-6424-0 Memoirs Classic
Dimensions: 30.38 x 18.87 x 30.06 inches 27.75 x 18 x 28.25 inches
Comfort height: Yes Yes
Item weight: 105.8 pounds 95 pounds
Flush type: AquaPiston Flush Technology AquaPiston Flush Technology
Water consumption: 1.28 Gallons per Flush 1.28 Gallons per Flush
Bowl shape: Elongated oblong Elongated oblong
Material: Vitreous china Vitreous china
Available colors: Biscuit White
Certification: WaterSense WaterSense
Warranty: One year One year


In short, these models are different from the first one by weight and size. The Kohler K-3819-96 Memoirs Comfort Height also takes 1.6 gallons of water per flush, while the variations of the toilet take 1.28 gallons. The choice is up to you.

Kohler Memoirs FAQ


What else do you have to know to make a choice? Take a look at this section to find the most popular questions about Kohler Memoirs toilets.

Does Kohler Memoirs have a powerful flush?

With its exclusive Class Five flushing system, this toilet from the Kohler memoirs collection provides a strong yet economic water stream that prevents any toilet clogging or cluttering.

Is the Kohler Memoirs toilet easy to clean?

Due to the vitreous china coating, Kohler Memoirs toilets are super easy to clean and polish.

Is Kohler Memoirs noisy?

Following its tradition of quality, the company has created this toilet bowl comfortable in all respects, taking into account the noise of the water as well.

Kohler Memoirs Toilet: Perfect for Bath Renovation

I hope you liked these Kohler Memoirs reviews. If you’re about to renovate your bathroom and are looking for a new toilet to complete the interior, I recommend you to use this article to make the right choice.

Do you have any other Kohler plumbing in your house? Would you like to get something from the Memoirs collection?

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