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Dealing with a clogged toilet is definitely not the most exciting activity, and when there’s the need to get something more complicated than a plunger, you may find yourself learning how to use a toilet auger. This tool may come in handy on many occasions, and you surely want to know all of the details about its work.

Toilet Auger and Its Qualities

Using a toilet auger can seem scary, as the thing looks very weird to someone who has never dealt with any plumbing issues. But you can sigh in relief, as here we will explain all of the steps you need to go through to successfully get rid of a clogged toilet.

What Is a Toilet Auger?

toilet auger

If you have ever heard about a drain snake, then you probably have an idea about what a bathroom auger is. This tool is a big helper that can get rid of your clogged toilet in no time. It contains three simple parts: a rotating handle, a rubber sleeve, and a flexible metal cable. A toilet auger can come in different lengths and materials, but its main characteristics always stay the same.

You can use a closet auger when there are pieces of some material in your toilet that block its flush. Of course, a plunger comes to mind first, but if it doesn’t help at all, you might consider getting a toilet auger.

Before buying this tool, you should always pay attention to its rubber sleeve, as this part is the crucial detail that protects the porcelain coating of your toilet. If there are any defects in it, or it seems too cheap, you probably should opt for another store.

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A very common discussion is toilet auger vs snake. Even though they seem similar at first, there are some differences between these two tools. When it comes to toilet snakes, it has a longer cable, and the handle is more flexible than an auger. Although a snake is thinner, it cannot fully clean a clogged toilet. Both tools will definitely help you get rid of any clogged toilet

The good news is that you don’t always have to buy a bathroom auger, because some shops can rent it to you. Usually, renting it can be more expensive than buying, but if your toilet gets clogged very rarely, there is no use for you to buy a proper toilet auger. Of course, if you get toilet blocks regularly, it would be more logical to invest in a toilet auger.

Augers can come in different lengths and sizes, and when going to purchase one, you should remember to approximately measure the characteristics of your toilet because you don’t want to buy a tool that cannot fully enter the bowl of the toilet.

You should remember that your toilet auger can get old over time. Its handle might go loose, or the cable starts to be wobbly. Usually, a regular auger can keep operating for decades if you take proper care of it. The cable is the main part you should pay close attention to, as it constantly gets into the water. Drying your auger is very important, and if you see that the cable with time starts to move less freely, you might need to inspect whether there are some parts left on its end.

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How to Use Toilet Auger?

Before using a toilet auger, you should try to rinse off any really hard pieces from the toilet bowl with hot water and soap. This tool might not stick into the pipe if there are too many leftovers from the clogged part. Please always remember to wear protective gloves, because you don’t want any chemicals or contaminated water to get onto your clothes and hands.

When the preparations are done, it is time to use a closet auger. First of all, get a firm grip on the handle and then slowly insert the cable into the toilet. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the toilet because those dents might be irremovable. You should stop when you feel like the auger reached the point of the clogging problem.

Now, you can start slowly rotating the cable, so the end of the tool gets the unwanted pieces from the pipe. Don’t rush yourself, as this process needs to be thoroughly controlled. While you screw the auger in, you can feel that it moves around in the pipe, and everything works properly.

plumber snake

Sometimes you can get your auger stuck in a toilet, but the first thing you need to remember is not to panic. This can happen because the cable got entangled in the contents of the pipe. Try slowly rotating the tool around to see if there is any way to pull it out. Auger can also be limited in movements because your handle is jammed or broken: in that case, you should try pushing it a little bit to see if the auger moves.

While slowly tugging on the end of the handle, you can extract it from the toilet and see if there are any problems with the handle. Auger can get stuck because some part of the block got onto the end of the tool and pulled it down when you tried to rotate the handle.

When you think that all of the trash in the pipe is gone, try flushing the toilet. If you do everything right, the water will flow freely into the drainage, and you can finally sigh in relief.

Keep in mind that you might have to use a closet auger several times before the toilet is fully clean. Please remember, that you should not flush your toilet while your auger is still in the pipe because that way it can get pulled down with the water flow and slip from your hands into the bowl, creating even more problems.

How to Clean Toilet Auger?

After everything is done, it is time to clean your water closet auger. Usually, all you have to do is rinse it with water and let it dry overnight. It is important to keep your auger in the space without any humidity because it can easily get covered with rust. If it happens, it might be hard to completely get rid of the deteriorating parts of the metal, so you will have to buy a new toilet auger.

If there was some organic matter in your toilet block or some chemical compounds, you should try leaving the auger in the cleanser for a couple of hours to completely get rid of any parts that might’ve stayed on its cable.

The bathroom auger also has a rubber coverage that needs attention and care because it is one of the most important parts of the tool. Each time after using it, you should closely inspect whether there are any dents or cracks in the coverage. You can always switch it to another one in the store, but it is definitely more pleasant not to pay additional fees.

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Can a toilet auger make it worse?

Usually, a toilet auger helps you get rid of any unwanted material stuck in the pipe of the toilet, but rarely, its grip can be not that tight, or the pieces of trash clogging the toilet may be too big for the auger to get them.

Is it safe to use an auger on a toilet?
It is possible to use an auger on a toilet without causing damage, but it is more likely that you will scratch the surface if you use a snake.

Is a toilet auger better than a plunger?

In some cases, a bathroom auger has several advantages over a plunger, as it can reach farther into the bowl of the toilet straight into the main soil stack.

How long should a toilet auger be?

A regular toilet auger can extend 3 to 6 feet into the pipe, but in some specialized stores, you can find longer ones.

What happens if a toilet auger doesn’t work?

If your water closet auger doesn’t help, you should switch to some acidic compounds that might dissolve any residing pieces of trash in the toilet, and then you can try using a toilet auger again.

Say Goodbye to the Clogged Toilet

Now you know how to auger a toilet, and no plumbing problems should scare you ever again. There are some good techniques that can help you operate this tool properly, but the main point is: always keep trying. A Toilet auger is definitely a must-have in your bathroom, as it can save you quite some time and money.

Have you ever used a toilet auger before? What is your experience with this helpful tool? Please, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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