Best No Clog Toilet Contest: Top 6 Models to Choose From

When it comes to our homes, especially, their bathrooms, we all want them to be clean and flawless. So, a clogged toilet is the last thing you want to experience in your house. That is why it is important to define what the best no-clog toilet model is and how to choose one.

This type of toilet is proven to be effective in maintaining your bathroom clean. At the same time, you can choose the model that will suit your budget and design preferences. I, as a professional plumber, decided to help you with this situation.

In my new post, you will learn some best representatives of no-clog toilets, and what you need to know before buying them.

Top 6 Best No Clog Toilets

  1. TOTO Ultramax II One Piece – Top Pick
  2. American Standard White Champion 4 – Runner Up
  3. Woodbridge T-0001 One Piece
  4. TOTO Drake: Two-Piece Toilet
  5. TOTO Promenade
  6. Woodbridge B0500 T-0031

There are many brands and models of non-clogged toilets, so the regular buyer can get lost or pick the wrong product. But I decided to prepare my top list of models, which are great and meet the basic requirements in terms of price, design, and other features. Check my reviews and make your choice.

1. TOTO Ultramax II: Best One-Piece Uncloggable Toilet

  • Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 28 inches
  • Flush type: ‎Gravity Flush Toilets
  • Water consumption: 1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • Bowl shape: Elongated
  • Material: Vitreous China

Japanese brand Toto presents its one-piece toilet with a no-clog feature. Products of this company are known for their durability and well-thought design. Moreover, the G-max flushing system ensures a no-clogging experience.

Also, Toto Ultramax II users often point out its ergonomic and sleek design that suits most the modern bathroom layouts. You can choose from the classical selection of colors, including cotton or colonial white, beige, or bone. The height is also thought-through and meets the needs of an average person.

This model features low water consumption, using only 1.28 gallons per flush. Wide flush valve, computer-designed trap way, and special flushing system guarantee you’ll have no problems with clogging ever. Special coverage makes it easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, it comes with a toilet seat with a wax ring that is developed to prevent slamming.

10Expert Score

As for me, this is the best toilet for not clogging, so I claim it’s my top pick. But you can check the following reviews for finding other good variants for your bathroom.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • nice ergonomic design;
  • easy in cleaning;
  • low water consumption;
  • non-slamming seat;
  • easy to install.
  • it can be expensive for some buyers.

2. American Standard White Champion 4: Right Height Clog-Free Toilet

  • Dimensions: 17.75 x 29.75 x 29.5 inches
  • Water consumption: 1.6 Gallons per Flush
  • Bowl shape: Elongated
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Certification: Watersense, Certified frustration-free
  • Warranty: ‎Limited 10-Year Warranty

Another top brand that produces high-quality toilet systems is American Standard. The company creates serious competition for foreign brands. It offers high-performing models for affordable prices.

It is White Champion 4 is one of the representatives of the models that do not have any clogging problems thanks to its large flush valve and 2 3/8 inches fully glazed trap way. With these features, the clog is simply impossible. At the same time, the toilet is quite enough. Economic water consumption is guaranteed with the system that needs only 1.6 gallons for a decent flush.

This is a one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl of the right height that ensures comfortable sitting. At the same time, it is easy to stand up as well, which is important for elderly people. Special Everclean coverage helps in maintaining the toilet clean, as dirt or bacteria do not stick to the surface. And the design is pretty simple, but it fits any contemporary bathroom.

9.9Expert Score

Among drawbacks, users admit that the included seat is rather cheap and of low quality, so you would probably need to replace it soon.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • elongated bowl for comfortable sitting;
  • right height for convenient use;
  • quiet but strong flushing;
  • Everclear surface for preventing spots;
  • 10-year guarantee.
  • cheaply-made included seat.

3. Woodbridge T-0001 One Piece: Non-Clogging Toilet with Dual Flush

  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches
  • Flush type: ‎‎Siphon Jet, Dual Flush
  • Water consumption: 1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • Bowl shape: Elongated, Comfortable Height, Easy to clean shape
  • Rough-in:  12 Inches
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Warranty: ‎1 Year limited to be free of defects in material and workmanship

One top brand producing toilets that don’t clog is Woodbridge. Their model T-0001 One Piece is a rather compact toilet suitable for small bathrooms where every inch counts. However, despite its compact size, you will get the comfort and experience with full-sized toilets.

Moreover, its design has a luxurious look with its white ceramic, so it will improve the interior of your bathroom. This is a one-piece toilet, so it is much easier to clean. Another construction feature that requires your attention is a soft-close system, which completes the general quiet use of this model.

A water-saving feature is provided with a dual-flush system, which allows for controlling the usage of water. You can choose from 1.0 to 1.6 gallons per flush.

9.7Expert Score

A five-year guarantee is not enough, compared to other products, but still good for this model. Among other cons, I can admit that the height is not very convenient for kids, so you might need an additional stand or something else.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • luxurious modern look;
  • ecologically friendly and efficient performance;
  • quiet flush;
  • soft-close system;
  • easy cleaning.
  • only 5 years of warranty;
  • not designed for children.

4. TOTO Drake: Two-Piece Toilet

  • Dimensions: 28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
  • Water consumption: 1.6 Gallons per Flush
  • Rough-in:  12 Inches
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

This is another never clogging toilet model, presented by Toto, which appears in my top list. It is also equipped with a G-Max flushing system that works quietly but prevents any clogs. Wastes will be cleaned efficiently due to a 3-inch-wide valve, large trap way, and siphon.

This model has low water consumption as well, with only 1.6 gallons per flush, so you can save up to 10.000 gallons per year, compared to other toilets. Comfort is provided by the elongated bowl with its wider sitting area.

The design will fit almost any modern bathroom with its cotton-white finish. The Cefiontect glaze coverage also adds a luxurious look and prevents staining at the same time. So the toilet will look clean and shiny for longer.

9.2Expert Score

One drawback here is that the toilet kit does not include the seat, so you will have to buy it separately. However, this is an opportunity for you to choose something according to your taste, excluding the standardized option.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • comfortable design with an elongated bowl and tank set;
  • cefiontect glaze ensures the cleanness of the surface;
  • quiet but powerful flush;
  • simple installation.
  • Comes without a toilet seat.

5. TOTO Promenade: Universal Height Clog-Free Toilet

  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 16.25 x 29.25 inches
  • Toilet style: ‎‎Classic
  • Water consumption: 1.28 Gallons per Flush
  • Bowl shape: Elongated
  • Rough-in:  12 Inches
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Certification: Watersense
  • Warranty: Manufacturer One Year Limited

This TOTO unclonable toilet is presented in a classic but modern style and has a one-piece construction. This design will fit bathrooms with conventional styles. The one-piece form allows simple cleaning and maintenance, as well as preventing mold and mildew.

The remarkable feature of this model is its powerful tornado flush that uses only 1.28 gallons. Along with dual nozzles that create centrifugal rinse, this toilet excludes any cases of clogging or staining. Also, nothing will stick to the inner toilet surface thanks to the Cefiontect glaze.

8.8Expert Score

Moreover, the flushing system has moderate water consumption to make this model environmentally friendly and economically efficient. That is why it is certified by EPA WaterSense. An addition, the seat is equipped with a soft-close mechanism. So, even if the price seems high to you, this toilet is worth the money.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • certified by EPA WaterSense
  • universal height;
  • powerful tornado flush;
  • cefiontect glaze;
  • economic water use.
  • it might be expensive.

6. Woodbridge B0500 T-0031: Small One-Piece Non Clogging Toilet

  • Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 26 inches
  • Toilet style: ‎Luxurious Modern Design
  • Bowl shape: Round
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Certification: US & Canada UPC & CSA certified products. High-efficiency, Water Sense Certified toilet
  • Warranty: 1 Year limited to be free of defects in material and workmanship

Last but not least clog-free toilet model is also provided by the Woodbridge brand. Their B0500 T-0031 toilet is designed to fit small bathrooms supporting the modern and elegant look. It comes with everything you need for installation, including the seat.

It suits the design and has a soft-close mechanism. Moreover, the stainless steel seat hinge makes it durable and stylish. The siphon design brings super quiet but powerful flushing without clogs or leaks.

8.5Expert Score

However, despite all benefits, some buyers claim that installation instruction has some mistakes, so the model might not fit the spot well.

Material and Design
Flushing technology
Value for Money
Pros: Cons:
  • elegant, luxurious design;
  • powerful but quiet flushing;
  • stainless steel seat hinge;
  • suitable for kid’s bathrooms;
  • all-in-one package.
  • the installation diagram requires improvement.

Toilet Types and Features

TOTO CST744SG01 at badroom

After reading my reviews, some of you may wonder what some of the characteristics mean. And that is the right approach, as before defining the features of the most suitable non clogging toilet, you have to understand what defines the quality of the particular model.

Moreover, some features are significant, while others serve for adding a luxury look or extra comfort. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Construction types

Basically, there are two types of toilets according to the construction: one-piece and two-piece toilets. They are equally in demand and both have pros and cons. For instance, one-piece models look more stylish and are easy to clean, as there are fewer joints where moisture can cause mold and dirt. At the same time, two-piece variants usually are cheaper, and it is easier to repair them or change system elements.


In most cases, the toilets are made of ceramic material that is a mixture of clay, silica, and a fluxing agent. The difference can be not only in the colors and shades but also in the type of finish that covers the toilet. This aspect defines the general look of it, as well as the easiness of its cleaning.

Flushing system types

There are many options considering this feature, and they are up to every manufacturer. However, the most common specifications of modern no-plunge toilets are dual flush and tankless systems. With a dual system, you get the choice of what amount of water to use.

One flush will be used for liquids, while another, with more water usage, can clean the solid waste. With a tankless system, water does not refill the tank, and the cleaning depends on the flush pressure.

Bowl types

The most common types of bowls are round or elongated. This is, probably, a matter of taste and personal preferences. However, round models are more space-saving and can be less comfortable for some people. At the same time, elongated bowls are claimed to be more comfortable, but they require more space. Also, some manufacturers offer square bowls, but they are not in big demand usually.

clogged toilet

Water consumption

According to a study of water usage in the USA, almost 30% of water is used by residential toilets. So, if you want to control the amount of water consumption, you should consider models that are certified by EPA WaterSense and provide less than 1.28 gallons per flush.

This is good not only for your wallet but also for the environment.

Water draining

This feature is significant for any anti-clog toilet. Models with tanks need to fill up fast after the flush. This is important for cases when you have to use multiple flushing within a short time.

Installation requirements

They can be either simple or require a professional approach. Consider the complexity of the installation process and make sure you will be able to fulfill all the requirements on your own, or with the service of a professional plumber.

Manufacturer Warranty

You can escape many issues with your toilet if you consider the guarantees provided by the manufacturer. The shortest period of the warranty is one year. Usually, this option is chosen by low-cost manufacturers who do not offer a very quality product. In such cases, you take part in a lottery, where your toilet can either work somehow for years or break down in a few months of normal usage.

At the same time, respectable manufacturers offer at least a 5-year warranty on their products. These brands are also expensive. However, in this case, you buy their service and the ability to fix any issues for a longer time. Moreover, there are fewer cases of issues with such toilets usually.

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Choosing the Best Anti-Clog Toilet: What to Consider?


Now, that you know the main types and features, you can learn about what to look for before buying a no-clog toilet. Defining the specifications you need will guarantee you will be satisfied with the purchase of your new porcelain throne.

  1. Siphonic or wash down? Define what option is suitable for your bathroom. With a siphonic toilet, the cleaning process is initiated by the water from the tank. It pushes wastes down, evacuating the bowel content. In the wash-down mechanism, the content of the toilet is washed down without evacuating the bowl. In this case, the bowl is deep with a small water area.
  2. Suitable flushing system. The specific type is defined by every manufacturer. It can be a dual flush with two buttons for different water usage volumes. It is also important to find a toilet with large flush valves and tramway outlets to ensure a powerful flush without clogs.
  3. Do you care about water consumption? Today more people choose dual-flush technology thanks to its water-saving features. It is significant for economic and environmental issues. With dual flush toilets, up to 4 people can save more than 6000 gallons every year.
  4. One- or two-piece? One-piece toilets are becoming more popular as they look sleek and seamless, and can fit any modern bathroom design. The construction of such units has fewer joints and seams, so it does not collect much dirt or moisture. However, a two-piece option is still available. It has some downsides, but usually, it is cheaper (depending on the brand) and easier in install.
  5. Do you need additional cleaning features? Well, we all want our toilets to remain clean for longer. But do you consider it is worth a bit higher price? If yes, then you will be able to pick the models that are made of the special ceramic mixture with a finish that prevents stuff from sticking to the surface. As a result, there are no bad smells, mold, or bacteria. The toilet feels and looks clean.
  6. Round or elongated bowl? The choice depends on the bathroom size. If it is big enough, you can freely look for an elongated piece. Such models are claimed to be more comfortable and ergonomically right. At the same time, if your bathroom is small or you need to fit the toilet into a particular place, the round bowl is known for its space-saving properties.
  7. What parameters are right for you? Define the toilet height suitable for your family. Usually, the most comfortable height is 160-180 inches from the floor. It is easier to sit and stand up, especially for people with special needs. For kids, this height might be a bit tall for a while, so consider adding a stand for them until they grow up. Another parameter is the rough-in dimension, the space between the floor and the wall, where the toilet is placed. So, find the model that will fit that space as well.
  8. What design do you prefer? Modern toilets come in various designs, colors, and shapes. You can find the model that will suit the overall bathroom design the most. Before purchasing the toilet, make sure the selected color matches the color of other porcelain appliances like a sink or bath. Also, make sure the shape of it is following the bathroom style. If it is contemporary, the too-fancy toilet will look weird. The same is with classical designs, where too laconic models can disrupt the initial design idea.
  9. What guarantees the manufacturer provides? Check the brand reputation, buyers’ testimonials, and manufacturer guarantees before the purchase. I’m talking not only about the warranty, which is preferably to be no less than 5 years but also about the quality of the performance. Durability is important, but will the toilet remain clean as promised? Will you have a clog or leak problem? Add other aspects that are important to you.

If you do not want to wonder “why does my toilet clog every time,” purchase a model that excludes this problem. Buying a toilet that does not get clogged will save you a lot of time and effort in cleaning the possible mess. With Internet access, it is much easier to make an informed choice.

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You can check the testimonials of other users who already bought and apply the particular model. Or you can read some professional reviews, like this, where expert plumbers disclose all pros and cons of the particular models. Their feedback can help you in making the right decision as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for before buying a no-clog toilet?

Define the following aspects:

  • What type of flushing system the model has?
  • What siphon flush is used?
  • Do you need additional cleaning features?
  • Do you want a one-piece or two-piece design? What will fit the bathroom interior?
  • Does the model design matter?
  • What height will suit your family’s needs?
  • Do you care about water consumption?

Look for a toilet that meets all your requirements considering the mentioned aspects.

How to unclog a bad toilet clog?

First, if you wonder how to unclog a bad toilet clog, this means you have chosen the wrong toilet model. However, if you face this problem, you have to define the reason. In most cases, the plunger can help, especially when the clog is caused by non-organic objects.

But if the clog is caused by human waste, some chemical drain cleaners can be useful. Also, in this case, you should consider changing or fixing the flushing system.

Why does my toilet clog every time?

Here are the common reasons why your toilet is getting clogged often:

  • your toilet is old with a poor flushing system and requires updating;
  • side objects were flushed, like plastic toys;
  • the toilet trap is blocked;
  • you flush wet wipes instead of paper, so they do not dissolve;
  • too much paper is used, so you have to consider stopping throwing it into the toilet.

Final Thoughts

I hope my no-clog toilet reviews will help you in selecting the most suitable option for you. No one likes dealing with clogs, that is why choosing the toilet that will prevent this problem is very important. Knowing what features make the toilet clog-free will help you in making the right pick. Moreover, quality models also ensure comfortable use, cleaning, and low water consumption.

What is more important in toilets according to your experience? Share your opinion on his question in the comments!

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  1. I did not believe that a clog-proof toilet can really exist, to be honest. Since I live in a one-bathroom house with six other people, it was always a huge problem for everyone. One of my friends advised me to buy Toto Ultramax II, which was suitable for my bathroom. The design is so perfect, all the wastes sleek down without clogging it.

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